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Fenêtres Summum is a quality doors and windows manufacturer. We offer our customers a wide range of products to meet your aesthetic expectations, performance requirements and ecological concerns via our energy efficient products.

We are your expert in the sale and installation of doors and windows in Canada.

When you do business with Fenêtres Summum, you are guaranteed to receive personalized and attentive service from our teams. Your satisfaction is our priority. Thus, we will accompany you with a turnkey service throughout the process, from making note of your needs, to the selection and presentation of the options available to you, then, the professional installation of your doors and windows to finish by validating the quality of the installation that was made with you. It is this rigorous process that allows us to offer you the Summum Guarantee.

At Fenêtres Summum, our windows are made from 100% virgin PVC. In addition, we take care during our manufacturing process to collect any excess PVC that remains unused so that these scraps can be 100% recycled and used in the manufacturing of other products. It’s our way of participating in a greener world.

Call us or come meet us to see how our specialists can recommend the best products for your project.


Whether it is for a renovation or a new construction project, our company is committed to offering you top quality products and service that meets your expectations, while respecting your budget.



Robust, it can be designed for a single or double opening.

The high-performance sash window meets the very high standard requirements in the field of window arrangements.

Offered with an elegant automatic lock design, it will go perfectly with your home and provide you with the desired comfort.


Since its foundation in 2016, the company has carried out thousands of projects of all kinds, for the manufacturing and installation of doors and windows in residential areas.


Always growing, we are constantly looking for qualified personnel to join our team. Fenêtres Summum employs specialized resources for the manufacturing of its doors and windows, in sales, as well as in the management of the head office.


It’s simple, send us your CV at info@fenetressummum.com or by mail at the head office’s address. It will be our pleasure to take note of your application and to contact you when an opportunity arises.


Do you have doors and windows in stock ?
No, all our windows and doors are custom made when you order.
Do you offer financing ?

Yes, financing is offered on site via Desjardins’ Accord D service and Finance it, both of which offer advantageous rates.

Do you only change the thermo ?

No, except those covered by our warranty.

Is it possible to buy the windows and install them ourselves ?

Yes of course. However, by installing them yourself, you cannot benefit from our guarantee which protects you during the installation, given that a window’s performance depends, among other things, on the quality of its installation.

Do you repair doors and windows ?

Fenêtres Summum only repairs windows it has manufactured and installed.

Are your hybrid casement windows of Energy Star quality ?

All our window types are Energy Star.

What is a thermal breakage ?

It is possible that the glass in your windows will break when exposed to a thermal shock causing the 2 glass areas to be at temperatures that are too different, causing the creation of a crack. The phenomenon is called a thermal breakage. Fenêtres Summum offers a one-year warranty on such a breakage.

What is a convenience door ?

The convenience door is an exterior door that is not the main entrance door. Thus, it is often found on the side or back of the house or in the garage. Robust and durable, they are often less expensive than entrance doors and can still be used as an entrance door.

Do you sell door and window hardware such as handles, clasps and more ?


Do you sell replacement parts ?

Yes, we only have replacement parts for the windows we have manufactured and are guaranteed for life, don’t worry, we will replace defective parts if necessary, at our expense.