Fenêtres Summum offers a wide range of choices of doors and patio doors. Come see the models we have and discover the various colors, formats, designs and other characteristics that you can select in order to enhance your property’s value. Our team will take the necessary time to advise you properly and ensure that your doors are perfectly matched to your home’s style and appearance.

Entrance and service doors Patio doors

Entrance and servicedoors

Every door we offer is, of course, designed to ensure durability and watertightness. Indeed, whether it is for your front door or your service doors that give you access to the garage or your yard, these two characteristics are essential and are guarantees of quality.

Our collections include various styles of entrance doors, solid or with stained glass insertion, adding decorative fixed windows with special shapes such as a half moon, side window or tiling. All our doors are made from steel and include the installation of mouldings which, in addition to being decorative, make an essential contribution to the doors’ watertightness and durability. Our new collection offers you several options with a contemporary style and is available in several colors.


  • Hot dip galvanized steel ensuring high rust resistance
  • Use of jointed pine without knots
  • Inner covering in extruded aluminum for increased rigidity over the door’s entire height
  • Polyurethane insulation without HFC for increased performance
  • Folded steel sheet in the frame for a straight door that lasts over time
  • Triple weatherstripping insulation for better energy efficiency on all of our doors
  • Energy Star certification for superior energy efficiency

Our Collection

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Change your patio door or add one to your home to take full advantage of your yard, garden or balcony. Patio doors allow light to enter your rooms while providing you with an energy efficient return. Our mechanisms are silent and are easy to open and close. Made from PVC and available in a hybrid model, you can choose the color that suits you.

Choose from our most popular models :

  • Odyssey - With its affordable price and multiple options, it will easily match your property’s style.
  • Bellevue Prima - Door without hinges with large sections which gives a very contemporary look.
  • Bellevue Prestige - Available in several colors, it has a durable aluminum covering.

With all the choices that are available to you when comes time to change your doors, it is better to seek advice from and have them installed by our experienced professionals to ensure that you benefit from our Summum Guarantee.