Fenêtres Summum offers a wide range of window types, ranges and colors to complete your projects and enhance your property’s value. Whether you are looking for PVC, hybrid, energy glass, protrusion windows, or even special shapes such as porthole and half-moon windows, we will manufacture your windows with care and according to your needs.

Discover our main window models and their advantages :

Casement window Sliding window Fixed window Awning window Sash window

Casement window

Easy to maintain, it will allow you to easily clean your windows since it has a stainless-steel opening mechanism that makes it open enough to clean the outside glass from the inside.

Its components and installation offer it superior energy efficiency.

Available with a range of exterior mouldings incorporated into the frame to personalize it according to your tastes or your type of house, the casement window allows you to give your property the style you are looking for.

Each window can be manufactured in several sections, if necessary, if the size requires it. Call us, this is where our advice can be of value to you.

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Sliding window

The sliding window is, by its popularity on the market, the most affordable window.

It is a safe choice that will offer you a high-performance and stylish product, no matter what type of home you own since it works well with all of them.

With a single or double opening, it is easily maneuvered.

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Fixed window

Sometimes necessary to meet your rooms’ specific needs, the fixed window is useful for adding a touch of brightness.

Fixed and not opening, it is often arranged with other types of windows to give them a personalized design and add a touch of style to your property.

The fixed window can take the shape of several varied formats including the half-moon, the porthole and so on. Let your imagination guide you, its possibilities are endless.

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Practical for its ability to protect your home against water infiltration even when it is open, the awning window opens upwards like an awning.

Made from a sturdy stainless-steel mechanism that will last over time and made up of a PVC frame, with its simplicity, it offers a lot of brightness.

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Available in severalranges

Fenêtres Summum manufactures several ranges of windows for you to match any type of home.


PVC windows are the most popular. Economical and durable, they can be produced for all types of windows.


Hybrid windows are made from PVC, thus giving you a multitude of options. By their composition, they allow the addition of the color of your choice on the aluminum part which is applied to the exterior, thus fitting perfectly with your property’s design.

Low Emissivity Glass

The use of low emissivity glass for your windows gives you an obvious advantage since it gives you unequaled comfort during the summer as well as during the winter. Adapted to Canada's climate, this type of glass works for you by slowing down the heat transfer that takes place outside in the winter and inside in the summer. It is this characteristic that allows you to be comfortable while ensuring savings in terms of your energy consumption.

Bay window

The bay window offers great luminosity given its shape, which projects outwards and enhances your property’s aspect by its architecture.


Fenêtres Summum designs custom windows to match any type of home. Whether you need a half-moon, porthole, triangle or other shape, our teams will manufacture and install your windows according to your dimensions and requirements.

Window options

You have several options when it comes to buying your windows to customize them to your liking. For example :

  • Tiling adds a decorative aspect to all types of windows
  • Muntin bars which add sections made up of several glasses with a smaller surface
  • Finishing mouldings which are offered in several models
  • Finishing frames that give your windows the final touch you need and that are installed ready to be painted
  • A build-out which allows for an aesthetic installation of your windows
  • And of course, the color that makes your hybrid windows fit your property

Contact us for advice on choosing the right windows for your project and for a free quote at home.